Welcome to T. Paul's Supper Club.

Magic on a Two Burner Gas Stove

It's a long and sometimes boring story dating back to 1961 and starting in 1977. Teona, or "T", as we affectionately call her, is the "T" in T. Paul's Urban Cafe. And you guessed it, Chadd-Paul is the "Paul". Together we are T and P; Chadd-Paul Flues II being the uncle of Teona Marie Dawson. We were born in the oldest settlement West of the Mississippi known as Astoria, Oregon. P has been a big influence on T for many years, instilling in T the value of witty, dry humor, crazy times, and the fallibility of P.

Early on, P taught T that man has nothing to fear but fear itself. Both T and P wanted to see the world outside of the sunset empire. P went to the university, while T went into merchandise management. Both got caught up in the BIG CITY and shared fond memories of the urban metropolis, Portland, Oregon. P, with much experience in the restaurant management field, and T, moving fast up the corporate management ladder, realized you can take the kid out of Astoria, but you can't take the Astoria out of the kid!

T and P had a vision: bring some big city glamour to the river city and offer an out of town experience/ambiance, casually upscale atmosphere, good food with a twist, and service with a smile at a fair value. Our guests have been our best advertisers and we thank them for that! Years 2005-2008 brought us national notoriety courtesy of YELP, SUNSET Magazine, The New York Times, Coastal Living Magazine, and our local Daily Astorian, Editors #1. Not bad for a bunch of novices!

For 9 years we had skillfully prepared our fresh cuisines on a TWO BURNER gas stove, sometimes up to 300 meals a day! But as of November 2008, after minor kitchen renovations, we now have a four burner gas stove, allowing us to do what we do best, all while being grateful to the one who put the light in our eyes. But, T and P weren’t about to rest on their laurels... Shortly after upgrading the stove, T and P had another vision - an upscale and hip-contemporary, yet colorfully tasteful dinner house in the town we dearly love. In 2009, the perfect location became available just a few steps away from the Liberty Theatre and right across the street from the beautifully restored Hotel Elliott. And T. Paul’s Supper Club was born that year. Come visit us as we celebrate our third year serving lunch, dinner and in between - always with a warm greeting and smile!


Here are just a few of the rave reviews we've received...

  •     Anna O.
        Beaverton, OR

    Awesome service and great food!!! Hands down the best Mac and cheese I have ever had. The restaurant is funky and has some interesting art and pictures on the walls, we had a good time looking around. The food took a little while to get to the table but it was definitely worth the wait. This will definitely be a stop the next time I'm in Astoria

        Wayne E.
        Beaverton, OR

    Delicious food. So many dishes to decide from we need to come back and try something new each time. Desserts, beer, and cocktails are delish as well! Which means more trips to Oregon. Wonderful staff. Will definitely be back when we return to Astoria.

  •     Paula M.
        New York, NY

    We had the best time here, the food was really good and the staff was super friendly, specially Angelina. Plus, the place is charming... I loved all the inlcusive messages hanging in the walls and sticked in the door. Totally recommend this place. Keep going guys!

        Victoria B.
        Iowa City, IA

    Food was awesome, with substantial portion sizes and a varied menu that's guaranteed to please everyone! My husband and I split the cookie dessert and holy moly - 4 people could have shared it, no questions asked. I would attach a photo, but I think it's best that I refrain from the reminder of my gluttony. The unbelievable service sealed the deal, though. Oh, and the man playing wonderful live music at the entrance!

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