Dinner Menu

Starters & Seafood Bites

Bourbon Street Prawns$15

large prawns in a creole bbq sauce with crostini

Seville Bruschetta$13

marinated fire roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and pesto cream cheese on toasted crostini

Fried Calamari$11.5

seasoned and served with garlic aioli. cajun style seasoning 12

Appetizer Combo Basket$14

fried ravioli, chicken tenders, onion rings and sweet potato fries with house dips

Fried Three Cheese Ravioli$12

with zesty marinara dipping sauce

Thick Cut Onion Rings$11.5

panko breaded with honey mustard dip

Boss Hawg Quesadilla$11

wood smoked chicken breast, jack & cheddar, onions, olives and tomatoes with chips and salsa

T.'s Boom Stix$12

steak fries smothered in our bourbon street sauce, bleu cheese crumbles and apple wood smoked bacon

Fresh Greek Crab Quesadilla$15.5

dungeness crab, feta, fresh basil, sun tomato, spinach, garlic, onion, jack & cheddar with chips and salsa

Green Goddess Quesadilla$10.5

fresh basil, spinach and mozzarella with chips and salsa

Fresh Willapa Bay Oysters$13

lightly breaded and pan-fried (5)

Fresh Seafood CocktailsDungeness Crab   $15
Bay Shrimp   $9
Oyster Shooters   $4

Carne Asada Nacho Grande$14

the works, with jack & cheddar, salsa and sour cream on a bed of corn tortilla chips

Manila Steamer Clams$17

one pound of wa steamers in a light basil and garlic sauce

Hand Dipped Coconut Prawns$12.5

with our spicy marmalade dip (6)


Manhattan Seafood StewCup  $5 / Bowl  $7


New England Clam ChowderCup  $5 / Bowl  $7


FussionCup  $5 / Bowl  $7

Combination of Red and White

Poor Man's Cioppino$23

zesty red sauce with fresh vegetable, large prawns, steamer clams and salmon served with garlic toast

Salads & Greens

Dressings: peppered bleu cheese . basil pesto ranch . creamy garlic caesar . honey mustard sesame peanut thai . mango vinaigrette . balsamic vinegar & olive oil . thousand island

Supper Club Boom Boom$19

choice of grilled chicken breast, crispy chicken or bay shrimp with chopped apple, pear, strawberries and red onion served over mixed field greens with apple wood smoked bacon, jack & cheddar, bleu cheese crumbles toasted spicy pecans and choice of dressing. substitute grilled prawns 21

Pan Asian Salad$21

Seared Sesame Ahi Tuna or Coconut Prawns
mixed field greens, tomato, red onion, snap peas, red cabbage, carrots and seasonal fruit with our thai dressing topped with roasted peanuts and toasted sesame seeds. substitute chicken breast or bay shrimp 19

Cabo Taco Salad$18.5

choice of grilled carne asada, bay shrimp or smoked chicken in a tortilla bowl with mixed greens, tomato, jack & cheddar, red onion and olives topped with chipotle sour cream, avocado and fresh salsa

California Steak Tender Salad$22

seared steak medallions, fresh avocado, red onion and tomatoes over hearts of romaine tossed in our house made bleu cheese dressing.

surf & turf with grilled prawns and sautéed mushrooms 25

The Plank$16

crisp hearts of romaine, avocado, apple wood smoked bacon, red onion and bleu cheese crumbles drizzled with peppered bleu cheese dressing. with grilled chicken or bay shrimp 19

Louis & Clark Crab or Shrimp SaladShrimp   $18   Dungeness Crab   $22

served over mixed field greens with egg, olives and the works with your choice of dressing

All Hail Caesar SaladClassic   $16
Chicken   $19
Josephson’s Wood Smoked Wild Salmon   $22

hearts of romaine, parmesan cheese and house toasted croutons tossed with creamy garlic caesar

Mediterranean Spinach Salad$17
Grilled Chicken   $19
Grilled Prawns   $22

fresh basil, baby spinach, applewood smoked bacon, egg, cucumber, fire roasted tomatoes, feta and red onion with balsamic vinegar and olive oil over crisp romaine

Seafood Louie III$25

named for a famed local tugboat and it’s captain! seasonal fresh dungeness crab, bay shrimp and local smoked salmon over mixed field greens with egg, olives and the works with your choice of dressing

Handcrafted Burgers

8oz. all natural patty served on a blue scorcher pub bun with your choice of sweet potato fries or brewer steak fries


house bourbon street sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, grilled onions, apple wood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato

Holy Guacamole$16

fresh guacamole, apple wood smoked bacon, grilled pineapple, pepperjack and the works


Seasoned, pan-fried, and finished with mushrooms and provolone in a Bourbon St. sauce with vegetables and mashers.


two 1/2 pound patties, grilled ham, apple wood smoked bacon, Tillamook cheddar, boom boom sauce and the works

Mushroom Swiss$16

portabella mushroom, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo and melted swiss

Black Bean Burger   $1.5
Chicken   $2.5
Gluten Free Bread   $1
JJ Astor$16

tillamook cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, boom boom sauce and the works

Ragin' Cajun$16

cajun sauce, pepperjack, lettuce, tomato, apple wood smoked bacon and sliced jalapeños

Roasted Portabella$16

a whole portabella mushroom marinated and flame broiled with feta, fresh basil, garlic, sundried tomato, garlic aioli and the works (no beef)

Garlic Brie$16

mild brie cheese, havarti, roasted garlic, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli

T.'s Down & Dirty$16

boom stix fries with bourbon street sauce, bleu cheese and bacon on a burger with the works

Burger Boosters$1.75

avocado . bacon . fried eggsautéed mushrooms . cheese . fried onion ring

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Sandwiches & More

choice of brewers steak fries or sweet potato fries. add soup or side salad 2.5

Supper Club Prime Rib Philly$15

grilled bell pepper, onion and mushroom layered with prime rib and provolone on a grilled baguette

Prime Cut Rib Dip$15

caramelized onion, swiss and mushrooms on a grilled hoagie served with au jus

Zip Up Your Dip:
dirty dip - with our house bourbon street sauce dip 16
bbq style - bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, caramelized onion and tomato on focaccia 16

Astor Seafood MeltShrimp   $1505   Dungeness Crab   $17.5

atop toasted artisan bread with melted tillamook cheddar, lettuce, tomato, basil, red onion and avocado with light herb mayo

Salmon Lox$16.5

100 years of local goodness!
Josephson’s cold smoked salmon lox, herb cream cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumber and capers with a fresh toasted bagel

Blackened Wild Salmon Sandwich$16.5

havarti cheese, sweet cabbage, red onion and tomato with lemon caper tartar sauce on a brioche bun

Turkey November$14.5

roasted turkey, cranberries, cream cheese, havarti, lettuce, tomato and red onion served on hearty 9-grain wheat

Rowdy Reuben$14.5

grilled onion, sauerkraut, pastrami, swiss and boomboom sauce grilled on marbled rye

Rooster Cobb$14.5

grilled chicken, tillamook cheddar, bleu cheese crumbles, apple wood smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion and garlic mayo on a brioche bun

Colorado Club$15

roasted turkey, ham, apple wood smoked bacon, tomato, tillamook cheddar, provolone and sundried tomato pesto mayo on parmesan-grilled sourdough

Mother Cluckers$14.5

lightly breaded chicken breast with panko and sesame seeds, deep fried and served with honey mustard dip

Tiki Tacos (3)$15

smoked chicken, carne asada or bay shrimp with sweet cabbage, tomato, red onion, chipotle sour cream, fresh salsa, avocado, jack and cheddar on white corn tortillas served with chips and salsa (excludes fries)

Blackened Halibut Tacos (2)$15

sweet cabbage, tomato, red onion, chipotle sour cream, fresh salsa, avocado, jack and cheddar on white corn tortillas served with chips and salsa (excludes fries)

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Land & Sea

we strive to serve sustainable and locally sourced seafoodserved with a house side salad. Upgrade to a cup of soup 3.5

Captain's Catch$27

manager’s choice of fresh fish herb and parmesan encrusted with a side of crab fettuccine and fresh vegetable

Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna$26

sushi grade tuna seared in ebony and ivory sesame seeds finished with wasabi cream and served with jasmine rice and fresh vegetable

Supper Club Trio$23.5

bourbon street prawns, coconut prawns and a prawn skewer served with potato or rice and fresh vegetable

Oyster New York Pan Roast$23

fresh willapa bay oysters in a mildly spiced red cream over grilled artisan garlic toast finished with asparagus

or try a medley of oysters, prawns, scallops and steamer clams 28

Wild Northwest Salmon$23.5

wild northwest salmon fresh when in season, grilled medium, served with fresh vegetable and your choice of potato or rice. teriyaki style or blackened 25.5

Salmon Luau$26

grilled medium and finished with mango citrus butter, served with coconut prawns, choice of potato or rice and fresh vegetable

Coconut Dipped Prawns$23.5

large prawns coated with toasted coconut, fried and served with a spicy marmalade, fresh vegetable and your choice of potato or rice

Chicken Madeira$23.5

sautéed chicken, fresh mozzarella and mushrooms in a madeira cream sauce served with garlic parmesan mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable

Lemon Tarragon Chicken$23.5

sautéed chicken, procscuitto, havarti, lemon tarragon cream, served with garlic parmesan mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable

Please allow 20% gratuity on parties of 10 or more. Prices subject to change without notice.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, shellfish, poultry, eggs, or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Hand Cut Flame Broiled Steaks

proudly serving all natural northwest steaksall steaks served with fresh vegetable, choice of potato and a house salad
upgrade to a cup of soup 2.5
steak add ons: coconut prawns (3) 5 . bourbon street bleu cheese sauce 2 . sauteed portabellas 3

New York Strip$26

with our house bourbon street sauce 10oz.

Steak & Bourbon Street Prawns$29

6oz. tenderloin with bourbon street prawns

Northwest Ribeye$30

juicy and fatty 16oz bone-in steak, house made spice rub

Steak & Dungeness$29

choice cut topped with fresh dungeness crab in white wine garlic cream 6oz (also available in 8oz.)

Aged Tenderloin6oz   $25   8oz   $28

choice cut with merlot demi glaze

Beef Tender Medallions$24

pan seared in a mushroom demi glaze

Pastas & Sautés

served with a house side salad. upgrade to a cup of soup 2.5

Scrumptious House Fettuccines
Chicken or Bay Shrimp   $23
Prawns, Sea Scallops, or Dungeness Crab   $25.5
The Neptune   $29.5

fresh egg fettuccine and white mushrooms in our roasted garlic cream and finished with parmesan. The Neptune: (prawns, scallops, crab, salmon and steamer clams

Scandi-hoovian Crab Mac$26

fresh dungeness crab in our havarti cream sauce with large elbow pasta, finished with garlic herb crumbs

Fresh Dungeness Crab & Ravioli of the Day$26.5

roasted parmesan cream, white mushrooms and tomatoes, finished with parmesan

Prawn or Chicken Bolognese Penne
Prawns   $24.5
Chicken   $22

house made zesty marinara, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella finished with roasted garlic cream, fresh basil and parmesan

Coconut Curry Vegetable Sauté$20
Coconut Prawns   $26
Grilled Prawns   $25.5
Grilled Chicken Breast   $23.5

seasonal vegetables, fresh pineapple and water chestnuts tossed in our sweet and spicy thai coconut cream over jasmine rice, finished with toasted almonds

Sicilian Chicken$23.5

grilled chicken, bow tie pasta and white mushrooms in our zesty marinara with a hint of garlic cream, served with garlic toast

Fresh Steamer Clam Basil Pesto Linguine$24

one pound of clams tossed in a light basil garlic sauce with a hint of cream and grape tomatoes, served with garlic toast

Blackened Steak Marsala$26

whole mushrooms, red onion and blackened steak medallions in a marsala cream sauce with bow tie pasta or garlic parmesan mashed potato

Bourbon Street Prawn Penne$25.5

tossed with portabella mushrooms in our creamy bourbon street creole cream and topped with parmesan
with a seafood medley $26.5 (salmon, steamers, scallops and prawns)

Kick Ass Cajun Linguine$25.5

blackened prawns and louisiana sausage tossed in our sweet and spicy firecracker sauce with sweet bell pepper, onion and tomato, finished with parmesan

Chipotle Chicken Mac$23.5

grilled chicken and large elbow pasta in our cheesy chipotle pesto cream, topped with garlic herb crumbs

Tuscan Tomato Linguine$22.5

marinated fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, and feta in an herbed garlic cream

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Lighter Side

No substitutions please.

NW Wild Salmon Filet$20

grilled medium, served with fresh vegetable

Fresh Catch of the Day$20

herb and parmesan encrusted, served with fresh vegetable

Fresh Seafood Scampi$20

prawns, halibut and steamer clams in a light herb broth, finished with asparagus and served with garlic toast

6oz. Aged Tenderloin$20

seasoned and flame broiled to perfection, served with fresh vegetable

Vegetable Alla Checca Sauté$15.5

olive oil, fresh basil, garlic and fresh seasonal vegetables finished with parmesan

Basil Chicken Penne$18.5

prepared in olive oil with fresh garlic, grape tomatoes, pine nuts, mushrooms, pepper flakes, fresh basil and parmesan

Chicken Madeira$18.5

pan sautéed with fresh mozzarella and mushrooms, served with fresh vegetable

Basil Linguine$15.5

lite basil garlic sauce with fresh tomato, asparagus and parmesan

Scallop, Prawn or Chicken Picatta
Scallops or Prawns   $20
Chicken   $18

french country sauté with artichoke hearts, capers, tomatoes, mushrooms, baby spinach and fresh garlic

Prices subject to change without notice, we honor in-house menu pricing.


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