Supper Menu

Starters | Bites

Fried 3 Cheese Ravioli

house zesty marinara.    12.5

Crispy Brussels

kosher salt, balsamic, parmesan.    9

Coconut Prawns

dipped and fried, with spicy marmalade.    12

Thick Cut Onion Rings

panko, fried, honey mustard.    11.5

Bourbon St. Prawns

in creole bbq sauce, crostini.    15.5

Crispy Fried Calamari

house seasoning or Cajun style, garlic aioli.    12.5


fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto cream cheese, crostini.    13

Combo Basket

mother cluckers, fried ravioli, onion rings, sweet potato fries, house dips.    15.5

Crab Quesadilla

dungeness, tomato, onion, spinach, garlic, chips.    16.5

Steamer Clams

NW clams, ginger citrus sauce, crostini.    18

Boss Hog Quesadilla

pulled pork, jack and cheddar, onions, olive, tomatoes, chipoltle dip, chips.    11

Tiki Tacos

Homestyle Tacos

avocado, sweet cabbage, jack & cheddar, onions, tomato, chipotle ranch and fresh salsa on gorditas.

Blackened Halibut or Calamari (3)    15
Grilled Chicken (3)    15
Crispy Chicken (3)    15
Pulled Pork (3)    15

From the Garden


New England Clam Chowder  |  Fresh Basil Tomato   
cup 5.5  |  bowl 7.5

California Steak Salad

seared tender medallions, avocado, bleu crumbles cucumber, romaine hearts, tomato and red onion, tossed in peppered bleu cheese.    22

Pan Asian

greens, grilled pineapple, tomato, red onion, pea pods, cabbage, carrot, apple, pear, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, thai dressing.

5 grilled or coconut prawns    23
grilled chicken    19
bay shrimp    20

Supper Club Boom Boom

greens, apple, pear, strawberry, onion, bacon, jack, and cheddar, bleu crumble, spiced pecans, honey mustard.

crispy or grilled chicken    19
5 prawns    23
bay shrimp    20

Cabo Taco Salad

tortilla bowl, greens, avocado, tomato, onion, olives, jack and cheddar, SW ranch , fresh salsa.

grilled chicken or pork    18.5
bay shrimp    20

Blackened Chicken Caesar

hearts of romaine, tossed in house creamy garlic parmesan Caesar, lemon wedge.    20.    Plain 17

Seafood Lewis & Clark

mixed greens, avocado, tomato, egg, apple wood bacon, carrot, pickled aparagus, red onion, sweet cabbage, dressing.

bay shrimp    19
dungeness crab    24
duo    28


brewer fries or sweet potato fries

Colorado Club

turkey, ham, aged white cheddar, Tillamook cheddar, bacon, tomato, roasted garlic, sundried tomato pesto, on parmesan encrusted italian rustic white bread.    14.5

Rowdy Rueben

pastrami, kraut, swiss, caramelized onion, boom sauce, on rye.    14

Prime Rib Dip

caramelized onion, mushroom, swiss caramelized onion, mushroom, swiss, on a hoagie, au jus.    16
   make it a dirty dip house creole bourbon sauce. 1.

Blackened Wild Salmon Sandwich

havarti, sweet cabbage, red onion, tomato, lemon caper tarter, on a potato pub bun.    17

The Pig Floyd

pulled pork, ham, bacon, swiss, house bbq sauce, tomato, caramelized onion, dijon aioli, on a potato pub roll.    14.5

The Supper Club Mafia

Burger Society

choice of brewer or sweet potato fries

Enjoy a Burger or make it a Chicken sandwich
natural beef | black bean patty | chicken breast (add .75)

The Works The "Works" lettuce, tomato, onion. split top roll, kosher dill

The Casanova

white cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, mushrooms, dijon cream, the works.    15


house bbq sauce, apple wood smoked bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, fried onion ring,the works.    15

OMG Whiskey Burger

house bourbon st. sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, caramelized onion, the works.    15


Tillamook cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, boom sauce.    15

Holy Guacamole

fresh guacamole, apple wood smoked bacon, fresh pineapple, swiss .    15

The Havana

bbq pulled pork, white cheddar, kosher dill pickles, dijon aioli.    15

Vampire Slayer

brie, fried whole garlic, havarti, garlic aioli.    15

The Terminator 10oz

beef patties, ham, bacon Tillamook cheddar, boom sauce.    19

Burger Enhancements - 2 each
fried egg
mushroom sauté
GF bread

Pasta | Macs

salad or soup * up-grade to chowder

Seasonal Summer Pesto Sauce

substitute our Fresh Zucchini Mint Pesto with a hint of cream    2.5

Crab Ravioli

dungeness crab stuffed ravioli, tomato, basil pesto cream.    27

Fettuccine Alfredo

fresh fettuccine, mushrooms, roasted garlic parmesan alfredo. choice of:

crispy or grilled chicken    23
bay shrimp    20
prawns, crab, or bay scallops    26
Neptune (prawns, bay scallops, & steamer clams)    20

Scandi-hoovin Crab Mac

havarti cream, large elbow pasta, garlic herb crumbs, parmesan.

crab    27
grilled chicken breast    22

Lemon Caper Linguine

dungeness crab stuffed ravioli, tomato, basil pesto cream. Choice of Prawns, Steamer Clams or Crab.    27

Bourbon Prawn Penne

button mushrooms, house favorite bourbon st. creole cream, parmesan.    26

Blackened Steak Marsala

steak medallions, white mushrooms, red onions, in a marsala cream over Bowtie pasta or Mashed potatoes.    27

Chipotle Chicken Mac

large elbow pasta in 3 cheese chipotle cream, garlic herb crumbs.    24

Summer Lovin' Vegetable

fresh zucchini mint pesto, hint of cream, tomatoes, snap peas, bowtie pasta, parmesan.    17.    Prawns    26


The Coop

potato, vegetable, salad or up-grade to chowder

Chicken Madeira

sautéed breast, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, madeira cream, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables.    24

Chicken Siciliano

seasoned, pan-fried breasts, a top a bed of linguine in a sicilian cream, mozzarella and fresh basil.    24

Mother Clucker Bucket

made to order chicken strips, house seasoning, panko, fried, brewer fries, dipping sauces.    15


Mains - Beef

potato . vegetable . salad. up-grade to chowder
all natural nw. hand cut . charbroiled . basted

Basted Flat Iron

cooked medium rare for best flavor and tenderness, basted with Bourbon St. brown butter finished with a mushroom demi glaze.    27

16 oz Rib eye

bone in, juicy, fatty, the way it should be.    [market price]

Aged Tenderloin

grilled to perfection 6 oz.    [market price]

Tender Medallions

pan seared, mushroom demi glaze.    27

Elevate Your Steak
Bourbon Prawns (3 ea.)    3
Dungeness crab/havarti cream    6
Mushroom sauté (whites halves)    3.5

2 Full Dinners for $38

Steak & Prawns

petite bacon wrapped tri-tip fillet. bourbon or coconut prawns. potato, vegetable, salad, one shared dessert. please no substitutions


Mains - Seafood

potato, vegetable, salad or up-grade to chowder

Fresh Captains Catch

chef's choice. parmesan encrusted, with a side of fresh bay shrimp fettuccine, vegetable.    27
Upgrade to Dungeness Crab Fettuccine 32.

NW Wild Salmon

seared medium rare, finished with our house asian miso butter, rice pilaf, vegetables.    26

Salmon Stack

seared medium rare, over a potato cake, spinach florentine cream and seasonal vegetable.    28

New York Pan Roast

simmered in our popular bourbon st. cream over crostini, seasonal vegetable.    24
Willapa Bay Oysters or Blackened Prawns.

Prawn Trios

bourbon St. , coconut, and skewered prawns, with a spicy marmalade, rice, and vegetables.    25

Coconut Prawns

panko and coconut dipped, fried crispy, with a snappy marmalade dip.    24

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*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, shellfish or seafood may cause food-born illness


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